Review: animation editor

In this episode we review the animation editor. At Connected.Football we are very enthusiastic about this tool (disclaimer: we make use of this tool ourselves to draw football tactics). Do you want to know why? Watch this video to learn what we think of this editor in terms of its user friendliness, the visual appearance of the animations and the options to reuse and share animations.

👉 Check our football tactics animation drawing tips here.


00:00 – Introduction

00:40 – Review criteria

01:30 – Running example

02:22 – Animation editing

28:57 – Evaluation

Review outcome

#1: User friendliness: 4/5

#2: Visual appearance: 4/5

#3: Reuse & sharing 5/5

Check out the

The platform is more that just the editor that we showed in our video. The platform offers training session management, match management, scouting management, club management, and player management. Check out their tool for free: 👉 You can sign up for free and have a trial license, which offers you access to all the features the platform has to offer.

Running example

We use the “Y-form” as our running example. Here is a video with the final result.


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