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At Connected.Football we want players, coaches and fans to be able to experience great football moments more often. We believe that football can benefit immensely from the opportunities the internet and new digital technologies have to offer. Such as more effective coaching, more efficient communication of football knowledge and tactics, better training sessions, easier analysis of match performances and greater interactivity with fans. The options are numerous.

How you benefit

Be the best

In modern football, becoming the best means that you have to push yourself to improve everyday on and off the pitch, prepare yourself well, train to the max and learn from match experiences. The Connected.Football plaform and our services help you to get the most out of your potential to become the very best.

European style academy

Managing a football academy is an amazing job. You are working with talented coaches and players every day. To get the best out of coaches and players we support them with all the right knowledge, the correct people, tools and work practices that the best in class use. Your coaches will be more effective, your players will develop their skills faster and teams will show better performances.

Future-proof investment

The Connected.Football platform allows you to easily store and access all the information that your coaches obtain from their players. This allows you to learn from past experiences and re-use all the information for future purposes. You will be able to maintain the quality of your academy when coaches leave and new coaches will adapt themselves quicker to your work practices.

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Manage your training sessions, matches, coaches, players and teams in the most effective and efficient way. Easy, reliable and fast.

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You will be directed to the planet.training platform app. Here you can register and sign up for free for a 30-day trial period. You can upgrade your license to PRO member to experience all the possibilities the platform has to offer.

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Are you looking for a partner that can help you with improving the quality of your football academy? We are happy to learn more about your situation and find out together how you can achieve your goals.

Connected.Football platform







The Connected.Football platform is a multimedia football experience platform. We allow you to create, access and share football content. You can store and organise text, images and video content. Moreover you can create your own powerful animations easily. You will be able to communicate your information more effectively. Users can use information on any device platform they want and customize information when making hard-copies.

Our platform services

We support you and your club with everything a modern football academy needs in the digital world of today and tomorrow.

Training management

Match management

Team performance improvement

Player development



Develop and learn tactical concepts

Club communication

Digital coach education

Partnering with the best to be champions

To be able to deliver great football experiences we team up with the best. We collaborate with strong international partners in the digital football ecosystem who share our passion for supporting football enthusiasts. Our international partnership with Planet.training – providing a great digital training and club management platform – brings all the power to football clubs to deliver on their promise to make players, coaches, and fans excited about football, time and time again. With more and more great “intelligent football equipment” (i.e. equipment with sensors) being developed and available on the market, clubs and practitioners require easy solutions that integrate well with all of these different applications. That’s what the Connected.Football platform makes possible.


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